CHAPTER 02.08: VECTORS: What is a unit vector?


In this segment, we will talk about what is a unit vector. So, a unit vector U is defined as - letís suppose if we say the U vector is this - U1, U2, all the way up to U sub-n minus one U sub-n. So if it has n-components in it, then we will call this U-vector to be U-vector if a square root of the magnitude of this vector is 1. That means we simply take the square of each of the components. So we take the square of each of the components and then you add all of them up and then what you do is you take the square root of that and if its equal to 1, then itís called a unit vector. So thatís what the definition of a unit vector is. That if its magnitude is 1, and how do we find the magnitude of a vector, we find the magnitude of a vector by squaring each component, adding them up and taking the square root. And thatís the end of the segment.