CHAPTER 02.12: VECTORS: What do you mean by linear combination of vectors?


In this segment, well talk about what we mean by a linear combination of vectors. SO lets suppose somebody gives you m vectors. A1, A2, all the way up to Am or m vectors of dimension n. SO the dimension of each vector is n and the number of vectors which are given to you are m; then is k1, k2, all the way up to km are m scalars, then if we multiply lets suppose the first vector A1 by k1. Then we take another vector A2 and multiple it by another scalar k2 and we keep on doing this. So we take the mth vector and we multiply by km, then thats considered to be a linear combination of m vectors.


So all you are doing here is that you are taking if somebody says Hey, find a linear combination of m vectors which are of dimension n, you take each vector multiplied by come scalar. Whatever comes out to be the solution or the answer is your linear combination of m vectors. And thats the end of this segment.