CHAPTER 02.11: VECTORS: How do you multiply a vector by a scalar? Example


In this segment, will talk about example how do we multiply a vector by a scalar. So let’s suppose somebody says “Hey, find 3A if A= 7, 13, 19.” So you are given the A vector, the 3 dimensional vector, 3 components, and somebody says “Hey, can you find 3A so 3A will be simply equal to 3 times the vector A which is 7, 13, 19?” And all we have to do is multiply each component of the A vector by 3; so 3*7, 3*13, 3*19 and there I’ll get 21, 39, 57. So that’s what 3A is so all you have to do is simply multiply each component by the scalar, and whatever is the result is your answer. And that is the end of this segment