CHAPTER 02.05: VECTORS: How do you add two vectors?


In this segment, weíll talk about how we can add two vectors. If your vector A and other vector B are two vectors of dimension n. So letís suppose A vector is given to us as a1, a2, all the way to a sub n-1, a sub n. Another vector B, letís suppose, is given to you b1, b2, all the way to b sub n-1, b sub n. So, youíre finding out that both are n-dimensional vectors. A has n components and B has n components and if you want to define A plus B, all we ever do is to add the corresponding components. That means the first component has to be added to the first component here. Second component has to be added to the second component here and so on and so forth. So, the first component will be a1 plus b1, second component will be a2 plus b2, and the second to last component be a sub n minus 1 plus b sub n minus 1 and the last component will be an plus bn. So, thatís how we will define addition of two vectors. Thatís the end of this segment.