CHAPTER 02.06: VECTORS: How do you add two vectors? Example


An example on how we add two vectors. Letís suppose somebody says give you a problem to add A vector given that 4, 7, 13 minus 11 and other vector B given to you as 6, 5, 10, and 21. So theyíre simply asking you to add two vectors. First thing you have to understand is that the number of components in A has to be the same as the number of components in B. So youíve got 4 components here and 4 components here. Four dimensional vector here and four dimensional vector here.


So what weíre going to do is we will be able to add these two. So what we do is in order to be able to add these two vectors, weíll have to do a component by component addition, which means that I have to take the first component here which is 4 and the first component here and add those two. Take the second component here and the second component here thatís 7 plus 5. Third component here is 13 and third component here which is 10 here. Fourth component here is minus 11 and fourth component here is 21. So you are adding the first component of each one second, third, fourth, and putting them in the proper place. So once you have that, it turns out to be 10, 12, 23, and 10. Thatís what your answer is for adding two vectors. Thatís the end of this segment.