CHAPTER 02.26: VECTORS: Dot product of two vectors Example



In this segment, we’ll see how we can find a dot product of two vectors example. So let’s supposed the problem statement is saying that we are given a vector as of 4 1 2 and 3 and b vector is also given to us as 3 1 7 and 2. And we’re asked to find the dot product of two vectors which is A and B. So how we find the dot product of A vector and B vector is simply looking at the corresponding components, multiplying them to each other, and then adding the result. So look the first component is 4 and the first   component is 3. The second component here is 1, and the second component here is 1; third component here is 2, and third component here is 7; fourth component is 3, fourth component here is 2. So we just multiply each other correspondingly and then add them up. I get 12 from here and 1 from here; I get 14 from here and I get 6 from here. And that is 33, the dot product of two vectors in B in this case is 33. And that’s the end of this segment.