CHAPTER 01.02: INTRODUCTION: What is a row vector?


Row vector. Let's see what a row vector is. A matrix that has one row is called a row vector.  Its dimensions are given by the number of elements it has. So let's suppose if I have a vector like this one, a row vector like this one; so I have: B1, B2 all the way up to BN. So I have N elements in there in this single row. So the N is then called the dimension of the row vector.


Let's take an example; if somebody says B: 25, -30.6, 23, and 35. So in this case what we have is - we have row vector. This is because there is only one row in it and the dimension of this row vector is 4. Because we have 1, 2, 3, and 4. 4 elements in it. And that is the end of this  segment