CHAPTER 01.03: INTRODUCTION: What is a column vector?


Letís define what a column vector is in this segment. A matrix is called a column vector if it has one column. So letís look at what a typical column matrix would look like. So it would have elements such as C 1, C2 all the way up to CN. So what that means is that is has N elements in it; so the dimension of this column vector is N. The dimension of the column vector is N.


Letís look at an example. Somebody says ďHey my C matrix is 50, -20.5, 30, -60,Ē letís suppose. So in this case it is a column vector because it only has one column in it but it has 4 elements. 1, 2, 3, 4. So the dimension for the column vector is 4. And thatís the end of this segment.