CHAPTER 03.12: BINARY OPERATIONS: Rules of binary matrix operations Part 2 of 4



In this segment weíll talk about some rules of binary matrix operations. In this one were going to talk about associative law of addition of matrices. So letís suppose somebody says hey, let A, B and C be matrices of size m by n. So you have three matrices and they are the same size m by n, as we know that if we want to add matrices they have to be of the same size so that what weíre assuring here. And what does the associative law of addition say? Well the associate law of addition says hey if I do this, then that is the same as saying this. So what this means in plain terms is that if somebody told me to add B and C first and then add it to A, the matrix which I will get resulting m by n matrix Iíll get will be the same as first adding a and b together and then adding c to it. And thatís what the associate law of matrices is. And thatís the end of this segment.