CHAPTER 03.08: BINARY OPERATIONS: Product of a scalar and a matrix Example



In this segment what weíre going to do is going to take an example of how to find a product of a scalar and a matrix. Letís suppose somebody says given a matrix A as follows: 2.1, 3, 2, 5, 1, 6 and says find 1.1 times A. So all we have to do is in order to be able to do that so if we want to find 1.1 times A, all we have to do is to multiply each element of A by 1.1. Iíll take three and multiply it my 1.1, 2 times 1.1, 5 times 1.1, 1 times 1.1, and 6 times 1.1. And what will that be equal to? Thatíll be equal to, so I have to do these multiplications, so 11.1 is 11 and two is a twenty two so its 2.31, thatíll be that one. This one will be 3.3, this one will be 2.2, this one will be 5.5, this one will be 1.1 and this one will be 6.6. So thatís the result of this multiplying this A matrix by a scalar of 1.1, this is what we get. And thatís the end of this segment.